Environment Agency to Visit Rubby Banks

Environment Agency Logo

Environment Agency LogoYesterday the Environment Agency informed us that they would be visiting Rubby Banks:

The drop-in session will be held at the edge of the River Cocker at Riverside Car Park in the centre of the town (opposite Rubby Banks Road) on 7 September from 3pm – 7pm. It is the first of a series of drop-in sessions being held in different areas of the town, for the local community to comment on detailed designs for the flood risk management scheme.

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Flood Warden Scheme

The aim of the Cockermouth Flood Wardens scheme is to increase community readiness for future emergencies. The scheme is still in its early stages but some of the details of the scheme can be found below.

Role of Flood Warden

Preparation of Community

  • To collect and update information from households in their allocated zone.
  • Identify vulnerable residents who would need assistance in an emergency situation.
  • Encourage residents to complete the Household Emergency Plan.
  • Advise residents to ensure all household drains are clear and functioning.
  • Observe that highway drains within the zone are clear and draining and if necessary sweep away debris Continue reading “Flood Warden Scheme”