Cockermouth Maintenance Management Plan Published

The Environment Agency has published the maintenance management plan for Cockermouth, it can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Gravel removal from the river Derwent

Two potential areas of gravel removal on the Derwent and Cocker upstream of the town were identified. The target area for gravel removal for the main Cockermouth channel are outlined on page 7 of the report.

The gravel control and management scheme is designed to have the following characteristics :
Be effective at reducing sediment input at the key area (which is the in-town stretch of the Derwent and Cocker through Cockermouth.

  1. minimise environmental impact
  2. maximise sustainability
  3. Be operational effective (have manageable access routes and be safe to operate).

The strategy is treated as a live document and is correct to its evidence base at the date of issue. If forthcoming evidence emerges that can materially impact operational activities, this will be considered and the strategy updated accordingly.