Planning consent granted for Cockermouth flood defence scheme

Plans of Cockermouth Scheme

EA LogoGood news – planning consent was granted for the flood defences yesterday. Another step closer. The flood defence scheme was granted planning permission by Allerdale Borough Council at a meeting on Tuesday 10th April, meaning the Environment Agency has been given consent to construct a series of walls, embankments and flood gates along the River Cocker and River Derwent that will increase flood protection to around 360 local homes and 55 businesses.

Funding for the scheme has almost been secured, with a pledge from central government to provide £3.3million. Cumbria County Council and Allerdale Borough Council have also offered to make significant contributions, with the Cockermouth Flood Action Group, Cumbria Community Foundation, Cockermouth Chamber of Trade, local businesses and the local community working hard to secure the remaining funds that will be required.

Once built, the scheme will reduce the risk of flooding in Cockermouth to a 1% chance in any one year.

Sue Cashmore, chair of the Cockermouth Flood Action Group, said: “The Cockermouth Flood Action Group has been working closely with the Environment Agency to push for improved flood defences in the town, so we are delighted that planning permission has been granted. We now just need to put the final pieces of the jigsaw together by securing funding so that work on the scheme can begin.” Continue reading “Planning consent granted for Cockermouth flood defence scheme”