Ministerial Statement about flood insurance

On Wednesday Caroline Spelman made a ministerial statement about flood risk insurance, attached.  This indicates that Government is minded to continue with some form of levy system, or pool, but gives very little detail beyond that.  The National Flood Forum has produced a press release which welcomes the fact that there has been some progress, but reiterates that this matter is urgent and that we need to agree the detail as soon as possible.

We need to keep the pressure on both the Insurance industry and Government to conclude a deal that provides insurance to people that is affordable, that is accessible and which is socially just, i.e. it must protect those who are most vulnerable.  Many of you have written to your MPs in these terms; we would encourage you to do so once again in order to ensure that MPs are under no illusion about the significance of this issue for voters.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this matter.

Kind regards

Paul Cobbing

Chief Executive

National Flood Forum

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More rain on the way – 8 July

It looks like more rain is on the way, we have just received this advice from the Met Office:
Just a precautionary heads-up to the possibility this afternoon and early this evening of a few lively showers which could align themselves up in a band and thus give one or two unfortunate locations enough rain to trigger some localised disruption from surface water excess (whilst a few miles away it stays bone dry). A Met Office Yellow warning is in force to cover this eventuality and today’s Flood Guidance Statement has Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester on Yellow (low flood risk) for surface water-related impacts.
Map showing a low flood risk (8 July)
Another day for giving an occasional glance towards the radar screen on Hazard Manager or the Met Office website during game breaks in the tennis.
I wish I could say the coming week was going to turn fine and warm but I’d be lying through my teeth if I did so here’s the true outlook (delete now if you can’t bear the thought of another poor week);
Staying unsettled and often on the cool side this week with further rain or showers at times although, apart from a low risk of disruption from heavy showers on Wednesday, there doesn’t appear to be anything particularly nasty on the horizon.
Enjoy the tennis,
Alan Goodman; Met Office Advisor (Civil Contingencies)

Afternoon Weather Update 6 July

This updated forecast shows some improvement from the previous guidance for the North West:
Good Afternoon All,

With luck, this event will not turn out as bad as I feared earlier it might (around the time this morning when the red Flood Guidance Statement came out).


Still further pulses of rain to come
across the region but much of the rain is in the ‘light’ or ‘moderate’ category with some notable drier slots having developed across Lancashire.


Still hoping for a more general clearance (in rain, if not cloud) in the next three to four hours, except across Cumbria where the rain will, if anything, get more organised for a time this evening and overnight before eventually clearing away later tonight.

As for tomorrow and Sunday, one or two sharp showers possible tomorrow afternoon and perhaps some further patchy rain tomorrow night. With the ground pretty sodden this has prompted the Met Office to issue a Yellow warning (attached above) covering all areas bar Cumbria, to be taken as something of a precautionary measure.

Sunday currently looks half-reasonable with a few showers perhaps by the afternoon but also some dry, bright weather, especially over Cumbria. Looking rather cool and breezy early next week but although some rain, nothing disruptive on the horizon after today.

Any significant changes to the overall situation will be communicated asap,


Alan Goodman; Met Office Advisor (Civil Contingencies)