Winter Weather Update

Met Office LogoThe latest rainfall event is in the process of moving on out of the way, having delivered 52mm of rain in 12 hours at Shap and no doubt totals in excess of that at the more central Cumbrian gauges. The current Yellow Warning for rain covering Cumbria and north Lancashire expires at 1400 and that hopefully points the way to what could be a warnings-free first week of 2013. After a bright, breezy but in places rather showery day tomorrow, a further pulse of (non-disruptive) rain will move eastwards across the region on Wednesday, this heralding a surge of very mild air off the Atlantic that, together with rising pressure from the south, should ensure a quiet, uneventful few days across the Northwest (and indeed the UK in general), allowing river levels to drop back and the ground to recover somewhat after the repetitive rains of the last few weeks.

The only conceivable hazard as we head towards next weekend will be patchy fog as the air finally falls quiet and the extensive cloud cover becomes less reliable. How long this quieter regime will hold for is uncertain, but for however long, for most if not all, it will come as a very welcome change as the new month gets underway.

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