Update from the Met Office

The rain band associated with storm ‘Frank’ is yielding extensive rain across Cumbria this morning whilst across Lancashire the rain is less widespread but with some localised heavier interludes showing on the radar. Keswick in Cumbria has recorded 43.4mm of rain since the event began yesterday evening up to 1100.

The S’ly winds have caused some minor impacts and earlier today a gust of 70mph was recorded at St. Bees Head.


The rain will progress on eastwards and should be through Cumbria and Lancashire by around 1300 give or take a little. Whilst the winds have moderated somewhat in the last hour or so we are keeping careful watch on a small scale development that is set to run across N Ireland into Scotland and which may re-invigorate the winds for a short time, more particularly across the N and W of Cumbria with renewed gusts of 60-65mph or so, especially along the Solway coast, until the winds moderate properly from around mid-afternoon onwards.


Although there’s likely to be some further rain for a time overnight, along with some showery interludes during tomorrow, amounts of rain should be relatively small with few, if any fresh impacts resulting. New Years Eve looks like turning dry and chilly with the possibility of the first frost inland for some considerable time. Given all the wetness around a few icy patches are possible on untreated surfaces early on Friday morning.

Through Friday and into the weekend further episodes of unsettled, rather windy weather look set to affect the Northwest, although with winds for a time coming more from a SE’ly or ESE’ly direction that should help to limit the amount of rain reaching the areas that need it least. However, there sadly remains no proper end in sight to the unsettled spell as we head into January.

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