Cockermouth Emergency Response Group


Cockermouth Emergency Response Group has been created in response to the frequent flooding of the town. The group has been created by Churchs Together, Rotary and Cockermouth Flood Action Group, it is supported by the town, borough and county councils. The aim of the group is to ensure the the community is better prepared for flooding. The response following a flood is already coordinated and well supported but the hours before a flood is fraught and chaotic for residents and business owners trying to save as many possessions as possible while also trying to care for the vulnerable in their community areas. What residents and businesses need before the water hits is help. This help would include tasks such as moving furniture to the first floor or into vehicles packing of boxes with books, kitchen items etc followed by evacuation to a safe place. The group would prioritise the vulnerable in our community and those in ground floor flats and bungalows. Assistance would also be offered to the evacuation centres. The group could also be called on in other community emergencies. To do this the group is looking for volunteers who could respond in an emergency. We would like to create a data base of volunteers, if you would like to become a part of Cockermouth Emergency Response Group please contact us on

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