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Cockermouth Emergency Response Group has been created in response to the frequent flooding of the town. The group has been created by Churchs Together, Rotary and Cockermouth Flood Action Group, it is supported by the town, borough and county councils. The aim of the group is to ensure the the community is better prepared for flooding. The response following a flood is already coordinated and well supported but the hours before a flood is fraught and chaotic for residents and business owners trying to save as many possessions as possible while also trying to care for the vulnerable in their community areas. What residents and businesses need before the water hits is help. This help would include tasks such as moving furniture to the first floor or into vehicles packing of boxes with books, kitchen items etc followed by evacuation to a safe place. The group would prioritise the vulnerable in our community and those in ground floor flats and bungalows. Assistance would also be offered to the evacuation centres. The group could also be called on in other community emergencies. To do this the group is looking for volunteers who could respond in an emergency. We would like to create a data base of volunteers, if you would like to become a part of Cockermouth Emergency Response Group please contact us on

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Hello Everyone

This is going to be a lengthy message regarding the progress being made towards flood alleviation in Cockermouth. I have not reported anything previously as there has not been much to update. Today CFAG had a meeting with the Environment Agency (EA). A few weeks ago we sent a list of short term and long term wishes that we believe could help flood alleviation. Frustratingly the EA’s process of investigation, feasibility studies, procurement, funding etc are extremely lengthy and slow processes. Today we discovered they are looking into a multimillion pound scheme to alleviate flooding within the town, a consultation team will be taking this forward, there will be studies to discover what the best scheme would be, this could include changes/removal of Gote bridge, improvement to existing flood defences, a swale through broomlands etc. Unfortunately it could take up to two to three years for this to happen. However there maybe the opportunity for some work to be carried out next year e.g modifications to the rising barrier on Rubby banks, flood gate on Victoria bridge, cutting of swale through broomlands. This news is better than expected but there will be nothing done to stop us flooding this year. The EA have looked at their flood warnings and there should some improvements there. A clear message to them was the lack of communication prior to the flood, this will be improved meaning CFAG can give better warnings to the community. On that note over the last few months we have formed Cockermouth Emergency Response Group (CERG). The aim of the group is to provide assistance prior to flooding, we will be announcing shortly that we are looking for volunteers to act when a warning comes to help people move property upstairs or out of the house, the aim being is to save as many possessions as possible so recovery is quicker, particularly for the more vulnerable in our community so please look out for the announcement. Below is the wish list we sent to the EA with updates.

1. Flood gate upstream of Rubby Banks – in progress, EA have plans to sandbag if flood gate not in position and we have a flood warning
2. Increased height of flood gates along Waterloo Street, High Sands Lane ..will be considered as part of a new scheme
3. Concerns re flap valves Waterloo Street area … to be investigated
4. Defences by The Trout …this may be one of the quick wins.
5. Completion of Main Street surface water scheme.. work to commence shortly, public meeting re scheme on 6 th October
6. Review and improvement of flood warnings …a great deal of work and training has occurred within the EA so should see a dramatic improvement.
7. Review issue of penstock valve Gote Road defences ..this was a problem after the flood as water could not get away as padlock in place..we have suggested that the padlock be removed when flood gates closed..EA found suggestion acceptable and will schedule
8. Maintenance programme of gullies and drainage systems…new system to be introduced by county council in November, hopefully there will be an dramatic improvement.
10. Hatters Croft – increased resistance…planning permission application already in for this.

1. If Gote Road bridge was removed completely what impact would this have on flood alleviation?..waiting for results of modelling, there is serious consideration that changed/removal of bridge in long term.
2. Extended defences behind Derwentside Gardens, review of existing defences … this will be part of new scheme but may also be an achievable short term gain
3. Defences to rear of Walkers factory..this will depend on what happens long term. Walkers still in negotiations about possible new site.
4. Revisit proposal of a swale across Broomlands …being considered by EA, they seem to have more faith in this proposal and could be an easy and quick gain
7. Radical review of properties which are vulnerable to severe flooding… has to be considered as part of the big scheme
7. Revisit gravel management policy…under review
I hope you find the above informative, I know many of you will be disappointed that it appears nothing is going to happen quickly. CFAG is a pressure group and will continue to lobby to expediate the flood alleviation scheme. We are pleased with the outcome of today’s meeting as work has commenced towards a multimillion flood alleviation scheme for Cockermouth. Please cascade this information to as many people as possible.