Cockermouth Flood Information Bulletin

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I’m sorry for the delay in posting the latest bulletin from Friday. It contains information about Cumbria County Council drop-in sessions tomorrow:

Thursday 3rd March 09:30-12:00 Cockermouth Library (local collection room)
Thursday 3rd March 12:30-14:30 Bridge Café, Wakefield Road

  • Bridge Café on Wakefield Road Car Park
  • Local funding available from Cockermouth Rotary
  • Latest bridge and road closures
  • New arrangements for the removal of flood-damaged waste
  • HWRC Permit Scheme Update
  • Crime prevention advice

Funding information

Whether you are a resident or a business there are a number of different grants that can help you get back on your feet including the following:

  1. £500 for any household in a residential property that has been flooded for us for general
  2. Up to £5000 for any residential or business property that has been flooded and wants to carry out resilient repairs to make their property more repairable in the event of flooding or install resistant measures, such as installation of flood barriers.
  3. Business Recovery Grants to help businesses get back on their feet
  4. Funding for individuals and families from the Cumbria Community Foundation
  5. Help for voluntary, sporting and community groups
  6. Help with Council Tax and Business Rates
  7. Support for Farmers

The full bulletin can be found by clicking the link: CK flood bulletin 8 26th February

Reception Centre & Recovery

Reception centres

Alleredale Council have the following reception centres for those who have been evacuated due to the floods on 5 December 2015:

  • Cockermouth – ECO Centre, Cockermouth School, Castlegate Drive, Cockermouth. Still open on Sunday evening. Now closed
  • Keswick – St Herbert’s School, Trinity Way, Keswick Closed on Sunday evening.

You can call Alleredale Council on 01900 702 702 for advice on housing, reception centres, environmental health and general enquiries.

Police Advice

Following consultation with the rescue teams Cumbria Police issued the following advice for Cockermouth on Sunday afternoon:

Water still remains covering Cockermouth Main Street and the streets towards the river Derwent. There is water over the Derwent Side Gardens, Wakefield Road and Gote Road areas. The water is anything from several inches to several feet deep. The area of St Leonard’s Lane is particularly affected.

Whilst in places the water isn’t particularly deep, the water within the whole of the flooded area is flowing very fast. As such there is a significant risk of people being swept off their feet even in water that is not very deep.

Both the police and the rescue services are aware that some residents still remain within the flooded areas. They are also aware that business and home owners who have previously left the area are keen to check on their property.

Inspector Craig Lory said:
“The advice is not to return to the flooded areas at this stage.

“For residents still in their houses, in flooded areas, you are asked to remain in your houses and not to venture into the floods.

“The rescue services are able to get to everyone if needs be. But if there is an emergency or a need to be evacuated can residents call the emergency services in the first instance, or draw attention to themselves from within their houses, by shouting from windows, only venturing into places that are clearly safe.”

Cleaning up after a flood

You can find out more information on what to do after your house has been flooded on the Public Health England page. Cumbria County Council also have flooding and recovery advice.