Rubby Banks

Letter to Cockermouth Post August 2011

Don’t panic, it’s not happening yet, but with our Town’s past history without defences it certainly will and what will make it worse next time is that traders will say “enough is enough” and throw in the towel, that will lead to shops being unable to be sold or let, once a few shops get boarded up many will follow, and before you know where you are the town will appear run down, once that happens your properties will devalue, not just by a few pounds but by tens of thousand of pounds.

Yes the Cockermouth Flood Action Group has heard all the stories, “but I live on a hill and will never flood” – very true, many of you do, but it’s not necessarily your property we are looking at, it’s the entire infrastructure, the shops, the offices, transport, parking and then all the traffic delays. Continue reading “FLOOD ALERT !!!!”