Visit to Pickering March 2011

Sue in pickering

pickering map5 Members of CFAG met Simon Marrington of the Forestry Commission in North Yorkshire who has been seconded to a 2 year project: Slow the Flow in Pickering.
It is a partnership project led by Forest Research with Forestry Commission England, the Environment Agency, The North York Moors National Park Authority, Durham University, Natural England and the wider community. The lead funder is Defra with cooperation of landowners such as Duchy of Lancaster, North York Moors Railway and MOD.

“It is about working with nature to try and store more water in the landscape and slow its passage downstream. The new approach to flood management relies on making changes to the way the landscape is managed, so that the passage of rainfall to rivers and its movement downstream is reduced and delayed. This will involve a range of ‘measures’, including: Continue reading “Visit to Pickering March 2011”

The Times – 13 February 2010

“Ordeal of flood victims who are trapped in ‘uninsurable’ homes”

Homeowners complain of huge excess charges, payout delays and bogus officials

Victims of the floods that devastated homes in northern England late last year are facing excess charges of up to £50,000 when they renew their insurance, an investigation by Times Money has found.

Three months on from the flooding some homeowners also complain of delays in settling claims, with hundreds still living in temporary accommodation. Despite a pledge by the insurance industry, some residents say that they are being refused cover outright.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has agreed with the Government to offer cover to existing customers at significant flood risk, provided that there are plans to reduce the risk within five years. In reality, however, this cover may come at an impossibly high price.
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