Flood Defence Proposals

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Rubby BanksThe latest flood defence proposals, maps, questions and answers

The Environment Agency has investigated whether improvements can be made to the existing standard of protection against flooding in Cockermouth.

Results of this feasibility study show that improvements can be made and are justified on economic, technical and environmental grounds.

As part of our study we investigated different options to reduce flood risk to the town and discussed these with local residents during February and March 2011.

Working with the community has enabled us to address concerns and come up with our preferred option to reduce flood risk to homes and businesses in Cockermouth.

The preferred option is to raise sections of the flood walls and embankments along the River Cocker and River Derwent.

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April Newsletter

Gravel removal from the river Derwent

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Maintenance Work

gravel removal from the DerwentDuring March the Environment Agency’s Operations Delivery Team removed 10,000 tons of gravel from the River Derwent between Gote Bridge and the River Cocker’s confluence. We have also adopted a pro-active approach to tree management along the river banks both through Cockermouth and immediately upstream to increase conveyance and reduce the risk of fallen trees causing blockages to bridges.

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