Cockermouth Flood Prevention Scheme Wins Engineering Award

A £700k scheme designed to reduce the risk of persistent flooding in the Gote area of Cockermouth has won a prestigious North West Institution of Civil Engineers award.

Institution of Civil Engineers Community Award
Institution of Civil Engineers Community Award

The flood alleviation project which now protects 42 homes was defined by a full programme of community engagement via the Cockermouth Flood Action Group comprising residents of the close knit neighbourhood. The Environment Agency encouraged community involvement, both in planning the scheme and its subsequent management.

The EA project team and CFAG worked closely together throughout the project, with the action group securing long term ownership and maintenance agreements for a new pumping station.

The group also contributed to delivering the project, working alongside the EA and its suppliers in designing and supervising the works. The end result is a project which has significantly reduced the flood risk to this community.

ICE North West Regional Director Alan Butler described the project as a first rate example of co-operation between community and agency. He said a key element of the project was to safeguard the River Derwent’s habitat – a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Continue reading “Cockermouth Flood Prevention Scheme Wins Engineering Award”

Flood defences on Rubby Banks Road

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On August 29 2011 on our website an article entitled ‘Latest Flood Defence Proposals’ was posted. The article states that the preferred option for flood defences on Rubby Banks Road is a raising barrier, this is no longer the case. The article title has been changed to ‘Flood Defence Proposals’. There are three options regarding the flood defence on Rubby  Banks Road, which are a solid wall, a wall with glass panels and the rising barrier. The Environment Agency are currently researching the relative cost, maintenance requirements and reliability of the options under consideration. Once we have the updated plans we will upload them onto the site.

Jenny Benson is riding for Cockermouth’s Defenses

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Jennins River RideJenny Benson is going to tackle the 40 mile charity bike ride on Sunday 18 September to raise money for vital flood defence work in the town. Jenny is a Flood Warden for Cockermouth Flood Action Group and she helps other people ensure they are better prepared for any future flooding. If you’d like to sponsor her bike ride go to:

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