Ministerial Statement about flood insurance

On Wednesday Caroline Spelman made a ministerial statement about flood risk insurance, attached.  This indicates that Government is minded to continue with some form of levy system, or pool, but gives very little detail beyond that.  The National Flood Forum has produced a press release which welcomes the fact that there has been some progress, but reiterates that this matter is urgent and that we need to agree the detail as soon as possible.

We need to keep the pressure on both the Insurance industry and Government to conclude a deal that provides insurance to people that is affordable, that is accessible and which is socially just, i.e. it must protect those who are most vulnerable.  Many of you have written to your MPs in these terms; we would encourage you to do so once again in order to ensure that MPs are under no illusion about the significance of this issue for voters.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this matter.

Kind regards

Paul Cobbing

Chief Executive

National Flood Forum

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