The Cockermouth Flood Action Group was set up in response to the 2005 floods and has been working with the agencies responsible for flood prevention in the local area to achieve reductions to the flood risk in the area. The group has been proactive since the devastating floods of November 19th 2009. The group includes residents that have and have not been flooded, representatives from the business and farming community and retired and non retired professionals. All members share the same vision and that is to ensure a speedy recovery not only of Cockermouth but also the wider community of the county and to establish if a similar future catastrophe can be prevented.

It has been well documented that this event was a possible 1:1000 year occurrence however the town has experienced localised flooding in Gote Road, Waterloo Street and High Sands Lane in 2005, 2008 and 2009. Following the 2009 flood, Gote Road remained the most vulnerable area for flooding. Throughout 2010 the group has been in discussions with the Environment agency, Allerdale Borough Council, Cumbria County Council, Natural England and United Utilities reulting in a large success. Gote Road now has a linear defence that should protect it from a 2005, 2008 type flood. There are still some issues with highway drainage but this should be resolved in 2011. This is a tremendous success and occurred because of partnership working with the various agencies. CFAG were able to contribute 100,000 pounds towards the schemes due to the generosity of the Cumbria Community Foundation Fund, The Rotary, The Round Table and Churches Together. Many thanks go to these groups.

CFAG will continue working with the agencies until it is sure that all that can be done to protect Cockermouth from flooding is done. There are possibilities of further schemes within the town, we will also be rolling out the flood warden scheme and issuing all homes that were flooded with an emergency action plan for the home in the new year.

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  1. Dear Cockermouth Flood action group,

    I find your example inspiring and exactly what we now need here on the Somerset Levels. I would be very interested to be in communication with one of your initiators .
    I am happy to be emailed or telephoned

    Cllr Gill Slattery

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